Gorilla Head

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Gorilla Head A very interesting project for a client, I thought the best way to proceed with this one was to draw the gorilla head out by hand, only problem is.....I don't think I can draw very well. The following are steps along the way I took in order to get the end result, and a very happy client. (I will only be focusing on the main gorilla head I used for the final logo) So I started off with getting the brief and the name 'Gorilla War Wear' to be printed on MMA clothing. They wanted a mean looking gorilla, and provided me with some links and images of gorilla heads they found on the internet they liked. I then did my own little

Absolut Vodka

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Absolut Vodka I have gotten into Vodka for about a year now and found the brand "Absolut Vodka". Not only did I fall in love with the bottle design (simple and elegant) but the range of flavours and taste have pretty much made it a number 1 for me when I want to relax at home and enjoy a bev. However the main focus of this blog post was to show just how beautiful and amazing each product page banner they created. I would really like to do something similar to this and have something in the works (notas complicated ) I love how each image shows a burst of colours and the display of different objects. Not much else to say, apart from st

Fighter Only Magazine Advert

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Fighter Only Magazine Advert Having worked closely with USC Gym, they decided they wanted to update their old supplements from USC Nutrition to USE Fuel. Not only have I done their whole new range and website (I will be posting some of the material in the future so watch this space) They wanted to focus more on the MMA and Boxing side. One of the largest fighter magazines ‘Fighters Only’ seemed to be a great place to advertise the new range. As you can see he wanted it to have a ‘Rocky’ theme. Really love how this turned out, plus its my first time having a full page advert in a magazine (only small magazine advert sections in the pas

A little logo that couldn’t be…

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- A Little logo that couldn’t be… There are times when a client comes to you with an interesting concept and you think to yourself ‘mmm I wonder how it’s going to turn out’. This Project started off with a great client who originally started off in the supplement sector but decided to branch off into Hire photo booths. He told me the name and a bit about what he will be offering which sounded pretty cool. He also told me what he would like the logo to be, however when I did my research and started looking at other sites, and getting something that would have a single logo but able to change slightly with the different services he offer

Pokémon Go but don’t crash

The last two weeks have been pretty interesting with this little game, however I own an Apple Iphone 4s which means Pokémon Go doesn’t really work as well for me as it should (plus that battery drain life…ugghhhh). I live in Caerphilly but can easily get to Cardiff, and oh boy are there loads of Pokestops in Cardiff, but DAMN! Does this game love to crash on me! It’s not so bad since the last update but still! I know I know, I’m going to get a new phone so this wont be an issue, but really wanted to do a small post on how much I love playing this game. It really does bring back my childhood, when all I wanted to do was just be a Pokémon master “Gotta Catch ’em all”. The exercise is great, an

The Star Wars Graphic Design Poster

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- The Star Wars poster I love Start Wars, who doesn’t really? So when a dear friend of mine who is part of a South Wales Roller Derby Team ‘Reapers Roller Derby’ located in Swansea mentioned they might be doing a matron of Star Wars with another group they share their training location with, I thought it was pretty cool, what was even cooler is that even though I’m not part of either group, I could join if I did a simple poster, so they could promote the morning/evening. I jumped at the chance and this is the result. Sadly there were some issues and the showing couldn’t proceed, however I really love how this piece came out. I found th

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