A little logo that couldn’t be…

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- A Little logo that couldn’t be…

There are times when a client comes to you with an interesting concept and you think to yourself ‘mmm I wonder how it’s going to turn out’. This Project started off with a great client who originally started off in the supplement sector but decided to branch off into Hire photo booths.

He told me the name and a bit about what he will be offering which sounded pretty cool. He also told me what he would like the logo to be, however when I did my research and started looking at other sites, and getting something that would have a single logo but able to change slightly with the different services he offered, I thought could work pretty well.

In the examples I wanted one main colour (I thought grey at first) that would be used all over, but then in the photo gallery or promotional material a colour change could be added for each of his services. I finally decided on a nice Orange and kept the other ranges, with a very thin font, however looking back at it now maybe it was a bit too thin, the original idea was to be clean and crisp.

Sadly the client didn’t agree and we went down another path, finally ending up with a nice looking font. His website is all up and running, so please pop over and have a look if you are interested


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