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Gcreate Award Winning 2021

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Gcreate Award Winning 2021

It's been a long time since I have done a blog but for future clients who might be looking through my site to see if im suitable for them, this blog is for you and also myself when I enjoy reflecting back at previous works & Posts.

Overview: If you don't want to read this post here are the highlights, I won two awards in 2021 for the best Graphic Design company in both Wales and Cardiff. I'm very busy with other projects, however, I am still currently available for work just please keep that in mind when you contact me.

My previous post was done back in 2019 and oh boy did things change not only for me but the whole world since then. Not only did I personally go through some really shit times with my parents getting sick and I guess looking back almost losing them I find myself very grateful that I was able to support them during their time and have my friends support me. We are all fine now with maybe a few scars, but that's life I guess.

Then 2020 rolled by and oh boy was that year shit! where Covid just made the whole world stop and really reflect our actions and how we can proceed. Not only did Gcreate get affected by this but many companies, and while I was able to fall back on support from my family I decided to try and expand on a few things so it was not only Gcreate.

So in late 2020 I was asked to do more stuff for the following companies

A Pawfect Gift- An online pet store (with a strong focus on dogs) that sell amazing cute products to your pooch.

GoConnect- A bespoke education and training oraganastion, that allows young people in the less developed area of wales the same opportunities as everyone else.

The Arcade Vaults- An amazing community located in the heart of Cardiff. This place is a retro gaming cafe that holds a ton of events every month, plus a really cool place to play some games and relax.

I have pretty important jobs in all these organizations which as you can imagine take up most of my time, I still am able to do work as Gcreate, however it does mean I have to do them on slow days or the weekend. I haven't yet turned down any work and have a number of contacts where I can always make something work, but as my role grows in each job that might change.

Along with this, I got two e-mails informing me that I had won two awards this year.

The First is from the Prestige Awards and has been doing these kinds of award-giving for a number of years. I was unable to attend the ceremony due to me being so busy, plus they informed me that pre Covid the ceremony had food, drinks and a bit of a party but could not do this year (maybe next if I win again). It kind of sucked I could not attend but so grateful for those who put me in and for the judges who decided I was the winner.

The Second was from SME News, which provide information digital information for those who have small to medium-sized businesses. Funny enough I got an e-mail twice from these people that I had won twice which made me think something odd was going on, but what had happened Gcreate had won Best Graphic Designer in England which I had to then correct hence the two e-mails. Link to my award page here

If you are interested in any of the Organisations I have mentioned in the blog I would be more than happy to provide additional information or help out. If you would like some work done by Gcreate just send an e-mail to

Chances are this will be my last blog for a while, so stay safe and if you are a small business or thinking of starting one up try to plan ahead as much as you can, and make your brand stand out. As you will find that while many businesses had to close in 2020, new and ones that survived will take their place going forward, so make sure you are ahead of the curve.


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