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The Star Wars Graphic Design Poster

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- The Star Wars poster

Reaper Roller Derby

I love Start Wars, who doesn’t really? So when a dear friend of mine who is part of a South Wales Roller Derby Team ‘Reapers Roller Derby’ located in Swansea mentioned they might be doing a matron of Star Wars with another group they share their training location with, I thought it was pretty cool, what was even cooler is that even though I’m not part of either group, I could join if I did a simple poster, so they could promote the morning/evening. I jumped at the chance and this is the result.

Sadly there were some issues and the showing couldn’t proceed, however I really love how this piece came out. I found the showing of the videos in the background a bit of a nightmare due, as each image is just the poster for each film, each one had a slightly different layout and the titles made it a pain to hide and keep it all in the similar style.

The border around the side of the poster (similar style to other Star Wars posters) I think works well, and I really enjoy how Vader seems like he is just in front of everything.


Loved working on this, if you enjoy this piece then please visit my facebook page, give it a like and share. Keep coming back for some more in depth posts on my graphic design work.

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