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Absolut Vodka

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Absolut Vodka

I have gotten into Vodka for about a year now and found the brand "Absolut Vodka". Not only did I fall in love with the bottle design (simple and elegant) but the range of flavours and taste have pretty much made it a number 1 for me when I want to relax at home and enjoy a bev.

However the main focus of this blog post was to show just how beautiful and amazing each product page banner they created. I would really like to do something similar to this and have something in the works (notas complicated ) I love how each image shows a burst of colours and the display of different objects. Not much else to say, apart from stay tuned and enjoy the best selection of theses banners I personnaly enjoy. You can always check out their official website at

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