Merry Christmas 2018 - Excelsior Day 28th

Well its that time of year again (after Christmas and just before new year) where I reflect and talk about my year and also what I been getting up to. First of all as you can see I have done a bunch of cute but GIANT animals around Christmas towns around the world (the hamster is in my current home city of Cardiff) Every year I tend to do a bit of a graphic, but this year wanted to do something a bit more fun and so if you have followed my instagram page or facebook page you would of seen an Advent calendar of 24 days where another block is taken away. As you can see there are 4 different images in total with each one split into 6 for everyone to enjoy for the 24 days. Some images took a whi

2018 Advent Calendar Graphic design

Of you want something to see each day make sure you check out my graphic design advent calendar for the next 24 days. You can check them out on Instagram or Facebook

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