No Man's SKY to One Man's LIE

Just look at how beautiful this artwork is! LOOK AT IT!!!! Words do not express how much I was excited by this game, even the ingame gameplay looked great. I provided some more sexy images. However despite all of this, and the run-up to the game, when it came out I was very disappointed. I don't mind grinding in a game, as I enjoy the odd MMO and 7 Days to Die where you do have to grind to proceed, but it needs to be done right. There were just too many features that seemed lacking and after the first 8 hours or so it was just doing the same thing that I been doing in the past 8 hours. I'm not really a game reviewer as you can tell so I wont go too much into detail, but I did just want to sh

Pokemon Grow

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Pokemon Grow If you haven't already guessed I have been enjoying Pokemon Go. And now with my new phone (Samsung S5) it doesn't even crash anymore! Yay I have also joined a few Pokemon Go groups on facebook, and also wanted to do a bit of Graphic work to show off the evolution's and share my love all things Pokemon. I started off with Charmander, then with the other Pokemon I got requests for doing the others. Some have turned out better than others, with the Eevee request being the hardest to make work due to the Pokemon turning into three different Pokemon which are not linked together. I also did a very simple Poster for John at USC

Shiny Expo 3D Booth

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Shiny Expo 3D Booth I have worked with this company from almost my whole time in Wales. It all started off with GeoVS, a 3D safety navigation program with a small team, during the years the small company had its up's and downs until it was taken over by SRT, and since then the countries and people the program has been able to reach to help improve marine safety has increased due to the highly professional SRT company. I was mainly hired to create 3D simple boats for the program, however as the company grew so did some of my roles and one of the most enjoyable one was creating a mockup version of their exhibition booth they were presen

USC Fuel Range & Brand

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- USC Fuel Range & Brand In a previous post I talked about a magazine advert I created for USC Fuel in Fighter Only Magazine (you can check that out here) Also in a previous post about Absolut Vodka I talked about how the each product had their own banner on their website was different to the last, (check out that post here) And after I had created the rebranding of USC Fuel (used to be called USC Nutrition) I was asked to do an advert for the whole range. I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to do something similar to what Absolut Vodka did with their Graphic design / Photography idea and do my own spin, while keeping it in t

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