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Pokémon Go but don’t crash

Pokemon Go

Gcreate graphic designer Cardiff & Caerphilly

The last two weeks have been pretty interesting with this little game, however I own an Apple Iphone 4s which means Pokémon Go doesn’t really work as well for me as it should (plus that battery drain life…ugghhhh).

I live in Caerphilly but can easily get to Cardiff, and oh boy are there loads of Pokestops in Cardiff, but DAMN! Does this game love to crash on me! It’s not so bad since the last update but still!

I know I know, I’m going to get a new phone so this wont be an issue, but really wanted to do a small post on how much I love playing this game.

It really does bring back my childhood, when all I wanted to do was just be a Pokémon master “Gotta Catch ’em all”. The exercise is great, and oh god the community of Pokémon trainers are amazing, you do get some people who are grumpy about us playing the game, but hey! if we enjoy it and can make new friends then what’s the issue? Any game or event that can do that is pretty good in my PokeBook.

Also if there any Cardiff or Caerphilly Pokémon Trainers feel free to get in touch if you fancy meeting up and catching a few Pokémon together. There are a few groups on facebook, so I would recommend the 2nd Cardiff Pokemon Walk - 14th August at 1pm - Bunker Cardiff and Pokémon Go - Newport/Cwmbran/Cardiff

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