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Fighter Only Magazine Advert

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Fighter Only Magazine Advert

Having worked closely with USC Gym, they decided they wanted to update their old supplements from USC Nutrition to USE Fuel. Not only have I done their whole new range and website (I will be posting some of the material in the future so watch this space)

They wanted to focus more on the MMA and Boxing side. One of the largest fighter magazines ‘Fighters Only’ seemed to be a great place to advertise the new range. As you can see he wanted it to have a

‘Rocky’ theme. Really love how this turned out, plus its my first time having a full page advert in a magazine (only small magazine advert sections in the past) so really wanted the client to be happy and get it to really draw the eye.

The main image itself proved to be a little difficult as when it was bought didn’t really cover the whole page, but I think worked well as the client did want his standard black brick background in the advert, which is a constant theme running throughout the whole brand.


Please contact and share if you would like similar graphic work done to this, or maybe you know someone who does.

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