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No Man's SKY to One Man's LIE

Pokemon Go

Just look at how beautiful this artwork is! LOOK AT IT!!!! Words do not express how much I was excited by this game, even the ingame gameplay looked great. I provided some more sexy images.

However despite all of this, and the run-up to the game, when it came out I was very disappointed. I don't mind grinding in a game, as I enjoy the odd MMO and 7 Days to Die where you do have to grind to proceed, but it needs to be done right. There were just too many features that seemed lacking and after the first 8 hours or so it was just doing the same thing that I been doing in the past 8 hours.

I'm not really a game reviewer as you can tell so I wont go too much into detail, but I did just want to share the beautiful pieces of work the game has produced. I really hope Hello Games provided updates on the game and make it better and more enjoyable, until then I will have to give it a miss and re-buy it once its a little cheaper.

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