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Pokemon Grow

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Pokemon Grow

If you haven't already guessed I have been enjoying Pokemon Go. And now with my new phone (Samsung S5) it doesn't even crash anymore! Yay

I have also joined a few Pokemon Go groups on facebook, and also wanted to do a bit of Graphic work to show off the evolution's and share my love all things Pokemon.

I started off with Charmander, then with the other Pokemon I got requests for doing the others. Some have turned out better than others, with the Eevee request being the hardest to make work due to the Pokemon turning into three different Pokemon which are not linked together.

I also did a very simple Poster for John at USC GYM due to him liking the hulk and wanted to give back a little because he's been pretty good to me, so did a similar one in the same style he could post on facebook or get it printed out.

Instead of doing a new post each time when I do more posters I will simply update this blog, so if you do like the designs make sure you keep coming back to see if I have added anymore. It will only be generation one at the moment but plan on doing the others if my free time allows it.

Also if anyone is intrested in getting some of theses printed I have a nice idea on getting them sorted on a canvas, if anyone would like to purchase some designs please let me know and I can try to work out the price for the printing process only. Here is an example I did but was thinking the borders are more on the side of the canvas so looking straight at it will only show the white section.

Details on getting in touch are on the contact page.


If you want to see more then hop over to my facebook page, give it a like and share. Keep coming back for some more in depth posts on my graphic design work.

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