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USC Fuel Range & Brand

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- USC Fuel Range & Brand

In a previous post I talked about a magazine advert I created for USC Fuel in Fighter Only Magazine (you can check that out here)

Also in a previous post about Absolut Vodka I talked about how the each product had their own banner on their website was different to the last, (check out that post here)

And after I had created the rebranding of USC Fuel (used to be called USC Nutrition) I was asked to do an advert for the whole range. I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to do something similar to what Absolut Vodka did with their Graphic design / Photography idea and do my own spin, while keeping it in the same brand and Identity graphics tyle I have been creating for USC up to this point.

The above gallery is the end result, but this is only the start. I next want to do a photograph for each product with no words and only images, it makes it difficult as I work for a client in Liverpool, and I am located in Caerphilly / Cardiff, and getting the photographs the way I would want them may prove a challenge. However much like many of my other clients they are all over the UK and even overseas, and due to the internet being such a major part of our lives theses days I'm sure we can work something out.


Please contact and share if you would like similar graphic work done to this, or maybe you know someone who does.

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