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Shiny Expo 3D Booth

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Shiny Expo 3D Booth

I have worked with this company from almost my whole time in Wales. It all started off with GeoVS, a 3D safety navigation program with a small team, during the years the small company had its up's and downs until it was taken over by SRT, and since then the countries and people the program has been able to reach to help improve marine safety has increased due to the highly professional SRT company.

I was mainly hired to create 3D simple boats for the program, however as the company grew so did some of my roles and one of the most enjoyable one was creating a mockup version of their exhibition booth they were presenting in the Philippines.

The end product did turn out a little smaller and different from the original mock up, but I still get a kick of seeing my work outside of the digital world, like clients printing their banners or cards for an event or something being made.

I highly recommend you check this company out as their work is very interesting, plus you can see what the final booth looked like in their gallery section. Check out SRT Marine System Solutions here.


Planning on doing an event? maybe you are doing to a large expo and need material designed or printed for your company, get in contact as I can provide 3D mock ups like the one shown here, or banners / cards / flyers which you can see on my facebook page and also dotted around on my site. Feel free to like my page and share if you enjoy the work I do, until next time.

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