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Gorilla War Wear

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Gorilla War Wear

I have posted some blogs before on Gorilla War Wear and shared some Instagram work. This post shall be a combination of what I have created for them.

Not only am I the only designer who has created their brand, logo, and all their T-Shirt designs but also currently working on getting their website created (through Wix as it really does allow me as a graphic designer to get the right image across without having to worry about the code) and I must say its been amazing to work with them so far.

A few weeks ago we had to do a photo shoot for some of their clothing range, a small selection you can see here behind the scenes.

We used an excellent Photographer in Cardiff Bay, and because I knew what I wanted for each shot the whole photo shoot was done quickly and professionally. The photographer directed the model while I took photos of them working together and also making sure things were consistent, the Client was also at the shoot and helped out with sorting out the clothes and making sure they were at a standard he was happy with.

As you can see here, the photos came out really well, make sure you check out all the products on their page here.

While this was all going on I had to create the website, and have the massive job of not only making the front end of the website look nice but making sure the back-end of the website worked well, adding the SEO and also the mobile version of the website worked correctly.

Gorilla War Wear have also partnered up with some big names and has put them under what they call their Troop (which is the correct term for a group of Gorillas, but can also be named a Band)

Some big names been thrown around are Paul Craig, an UFC Champion and been nicknamed the "BearJew" which was interesting to do some social media posts for.

And also UFC Conor McGregor gym which is SBG Ireland, this second partnership would be amazing if the contract can be worked out as it would open up so many doors.

As always Gcreate has worked closely on each of these aspects with the client to make sure when they help promote the company everything is at a standard I want and therefore a standard they are happy with.

As Gorilla War Wear have discovered, Gcreate is much more than a place to get professional and reliable graphic design but also a place where I take those designs and join their company as an important team member that cares about how the business will grow and form and making sure the media I produce for them never dips bellow the line.


Do you need help with your company? Do you need a high quality graphic standard for all media?


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