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Don't Knock Twice Jump Scare

Graphic design in Caerphilly

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Don't Knock twice Jump Scare

I have always wanted to do more work for film production company's, but sadly I don't always get to choose my ideal clients. However when Red and Black films approached me, the very people who created the popular movie The machine, I jumped at the chance to work with them.

I was originally asked for advice on a jump scare video they were working on for their new supernatural horror out this week, Don’t Knock Twice. Sadly it was not up to a professional standard that it needed to be, so I offered my services and asked if I could work on it and get it to a finish everyone was happy with.

The original scare video was something similar to this one here

However due to a few factors such as budget and workable footage/images, it was going to be hard to get something close. They also wanted the jump video to be a gif, however a big part of what makes you jump is the music & sound, gif's do not support these two aspects and would of made the jump video pointless (in fact if you are ever watching a scary video, you can mute the sound to see how much the audio places a massive role in the jump and suspense)

So we started down the path on just getting a standard video and getting the viewer to jump. Red and Black films were also getting a VR version of Don’t Knock Twice made as a game which will release on Playstation and other platforms in June, so we had some additional stock footage on what we could use, you can check out the trailer for the game here.

As you can see the very first test was not scary at all.

I had no experience in doing any sort of scare video before but we knew getting the timing correct was important.

As you can see in this test (around 7 tests at this point)

we had narrowed down the timing, but some of the images we used and audio wasn't correct. I was mainly working with the assistant from Red and Black films and he was great to work with, as I was always honest with what we could achieve and he respected my professional judgment on things we could try, some of the ideas we both came up worked and some didn't.

With any of my branding and identity work with my clients, its always important to get to a standard I am happy with, and with it being such a mainstream film with well known actors we still needed to improve on the final output.

Finally after 12 different versions (not including the small test versions) we finally go an end product that myself , Red and Black films and also the social distributor was happy to promote. You can see the final version in the next video

At the time of this blog the video has been viewed over 27 thousand times on their Facebook page with 18 thousand page likes. I have enjoyed reading the comments and seeing how people have tagged their friends to scare them and also wanting to now go see the film.

Also here is a large image of the ghost head I had to edit and do some more effects on to match what was on the poster for the film. I even had to replicate the font used, which I thought I got pretty close.

Also I mentioned about some gifs that they also wanted, and while slightly different from what they originally wanted with the gif's we decided on doing a bunch of simple gifs to let the public use as they want, such as memes, conversations or just as a bit of fun, here is a small selection of them

Overall the Don't Knock Twice jump scare video Gcreate created, and also the gifs have done very well. Red and Black films understand the power of social media and how these types of post can reach audiences, that until the jump video was promoted some didn't even know the film was being released. All business thinking if social media adverts are not worth it should all take a look at their own content and the structure on their adverts, and compare it to Red and Black films as a prime example.

I wanted to do this post a while ago, but was under contract until the film was released in the UK. I can not express how much fun this project was to work on, even though at times it was difficult on getting things just right. Hopefully I get to work with them again and maybe even similar companies in the future.


Do you want help with your social promotion? Do you want to do something along the same lines?

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