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How to get google Adwords to work in 2018

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- How to get google adwords to work in 2018

I have some experience working with google adwords. I think like most people I was a bit worried if the client would get any return from the setup I had to do, which can be a bit daunting.

I was however very clear at the start that this is not guaranteed to create any sales, but would increase the chances of a sale (conversion)

From my experience google adwords always seems to charge you slightly more than your daily budget, so keep an eye on that. Plus your very first campaign is going to need a lot of editing, but luckily you can do it as it runs which is good. Plus the notifications you get from google also help out (just don't click the increase budget icon as you will get charged more).

While we didn't always get on top of the page of google, we averaged around 1.5 which was good enough as we did get a 2% conversion of the total clicks into sales, which did result in a profit.

I have edited out any key information but you can see how it went.

There are always a few factors to make sure before you even begin to pay for adwords

  • Can the client/customer easily buy the service? - I would recommend you try buying one to see how easy it is

  • Is the price right?- This campaign only did 2% of sales which wasn't bad but the price of the product needed to be high, the lower the cost the more possible conversions but then less profit.

  • Make sure its easy to access on mobile and laptop/pc- Again you need to try this out

  • Set up google analytics and conversion- I had access to the back-end of the site but not everyone will be able to do that, so make sure you can track where people are coming from.

  • At the start do not do multiple promotions- Unless you have a unique link for each one, you will not know if your Facebook promotion is doing well or google adwords. There will be a period of just finding your feet.

  • Use a google promo code- The client spent around £60 but we got an additional £75 from google, just search on the net and you should be able to fine one

  • Use the data collected for new SEO- So not only do you have to put the keywords in, but also as it runs it shows what people are typing into google, you can also see if the ad got shown and if someone clicked. You can easily use this information on the website, Facebook, and blogs for better and more focused SEO.

If you are interested in any of this and would like to work with me on helping your business set up adwords, get in touch and let us see if we can get your business better conversions from your visits.



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