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Creation of a game logo and style

Binary Path facebook graphics from gcreate local designer

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Creation of a game logo and style

As we go full steam into 2019 I wanted to take more clients that are into the film and gaming Industry. One such company who reached out to me was Dark Planet Studios who I had already played one of their previous game Stellarmania at an Indie gaming convention in Cardiff last year.

Their new game Binary Path was pretty much pitched to me as a puzzle game and in a similar style like Ruiner.

Runier example for Gcreate local graphic designer

They also wanted their title to be slightly similar so that it would be simple enough but still have its own style.

With pretty much every client when I do designs for, I already to to incorporate the same style and colours as the company so everything would be consistent. In this instant the game is substituted for the company look, but due to the fact it was in the very early stages of development there was no real style or look that I could use to design the logo from.

There was however a colour scheme and other games such as Transistor to also take visual clues from.

Transistor example for Gcreate local graphic designer

Normally with logos it can go either two ways, either I have a strong idea in my head on how it should go or I just start experimenting with looks in photoshop until I'm happy with a design.

In this case it was the first, and for some reason I wanted a cut or slant in the design. As you can see here I did that with the Y and P, I however also needed to include some elements of a circuit board so that's why I added in the connectors.

Binary Path Gcreate local graphics design logo

I also included a very rough mock-up of what the background could look like.

From the feedback they liked the cut of the Y and P and decided to see versions of the top font I used and how that could evolve.

Here you see a few different versions along with just a BP on its own as they also wanted to have something by itself to represent the game.

Binary Path Gcreate local graphics design logo

With this version they again wanted to proceed with the top, the only feedback was to make the P more whole which I did.

it was then time to see what the title would look like on black and also to start thinking about colours.

Binary Path Gcreate local graphics design logo

The first bit of feedback were the lines coming out the P and Y were too thin, while on the black it looked fine on the white it gave the impression they were thinner (which is odd as the thickeness never changed), they also wanted to see what the lines would look like if they both ended at the end of each word.

Binary Path Gcreate local graphics design logo

At this point the bottom logo was pretty much signed off and I needed to play around with the stand alone logo and colours.

I originally wanted to represent some sort of symbol or object that would be included in the game, however due to the fact it was so early on nothing like that had been created at this stage so it was up to me to play around with the letter BP but also to see what a symbol would also look like.

Binary Path Gcreate local graphics design logo

I thought it would be cool to included the Binary code for the words BINARY PATH, which I was able to do online through a website. I then included that in the symbol. But the feedback was to stick with the BP.

I then did a few more versions of the title and logo, and also swapped where the lines where coming out from.

Binary Path Gcreate local graphics design logo

This time it was the bottom logo that had the most positive feedback from the company members and it was time to add versions of colour.

For some reason I had a strong feeling of red and orange and wanted to play around with that.

I included a bunch of paths to be added within the font itself which you can see on the examples. From here I wanted to see what a red background would look like with the yellow font, but this was going further away from what they wanted from the original colours so finally they wanted to see what it would look like with some blues and greens plus on a black/dark grey background.

The first example with the yellow, red path and dark background worked best for the overall look and style of the logo and the client was very happy.

Binary Path Gcreate local graphics design logo

I made sure to also create a simple social banner and profile image for facebook, as its always important regardless at what stage your game or business is to start promoting and make it look as good as it can be.

Overall I really enjoy working on this project in Cardiff and in my town of Caerphilly. Remember if you have a business in Caerphilly you get 20% off your very first invoice with me. Check out my reviews to see how happy my clients are with my work and why they keep coming back. Make sure to get in touch for any graphic needs, from re designing your logo to social media management.

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