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Merry Christmas 2018 - Excelsior Day 28th

Well its that time of year again (after Christmas and just before new year) where I reflect and talk about my year and also what I been getting up to.

First of all as you can see I have done a bunch of cute but GIANT animals around Christmas towns around the world (the hamster is in my current home city of Cardiff)

Every year I tend to do a bit of a graphic, but this year wanted to do something a bit more fun and so if you have followed my instagram page or facebook page you would of seen an Advent calendar of 24 days where another block is taken away.

As you can see there are 4 different images in total with each one split into 6 for everyone to enjoy for the 24 days. Some images took a while to set up right and wanted each one to be part of the image instead of just putting it over the top. Here are the four large cute animals for you to see.

The penguin one was probably the most difficult to get right and the seal was the easiest due to it all bring pretty white.

As for other bits of the year here is a list of my 2018I have done (and can remember) in no particular order.

-Stan Lee passing was super sad and I didn't know he was born on the 28th a day before me. Hence why I thought I post this on his birthday as he gave so much joy to everyone.

-Infinity war, looking forward to the second part of this!

-Deadpool 2 was amazing and while not as good as the first its still worth a watch (loved the Brad Pitt Cameo)

-Dragon Quest 11 took up a large amount of my time, and considering how much I loved Dragon Quest 9 it was great to finally play this on steam.

-Meeting new friends at the board game group I go to almost every Thursday, with almost 95 members which we all helped to grow.

-Another great year at the Tramshed Tech in Cardiff where I work. Not everyday is perfect but going out and working in a place to call my own really helps.

- Joined a gym and love going back (even though during November I didnt go once due to a large project)

-Ready Player one was another really great movie I enjoyed and plan to get the audio book as there is suppose to have so much more detail they couldnt fit within the movie.

- Met a very special girl near to the end of the year, she is a little bit weird and very Australian and to be honest was very surprised at how well we have grown and gotten along since I met her, thank you (if you ever read this haha)

- I don't really own a PS4 but I got to mention some of the amazing games that I have enjoyed watching on youtube and also even got a chance to go round a friends house to play. God of War, Read Dead 2 and Spiderman (sadly didnt get a chance to play this one, but loved Spiderman 2 on the ps2)

- Old friends, every year I tend to do the same thing such as go to the food festival and hang around peoples houses and enjoy a BBQ and I must say I did that a fair amount this year and it was amazing, I don't think I could of been as happy without those surrounding me.

-New clients! and finally my new and even old clients who have found me this year, some amazing new projects which I have posted about and so much more to come.

I think thats pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed 2018 as much as I did. Lets hope 2019 is even better


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