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Working with a graphic designer not against in 2019

Gcreate Graphic designer in Cardiff & Caerphilly

As a graphic designer I normally ask the same sort of questions again and again because It allows me to quickly narrow in on what a client wants;

  • Do you have an idea of what you want for this project?

  • Do you have any examples that I can take inspiration from?

  • Is there already a rough idea on what you would like?

  • Is there a particular colour pallet you would like me to use?

  • Are there any particular Fonts you would like me to use?

  • When would you like this done by?

Sadly not all clients have an answer for each of those questions apart from the last one which is normally as soon as possible or they give me a date for the following week.

This is why it's so important that before you hire a graphic designer you have some sort of idea in your head before you start. Not only will this make the Graphic designers job easier but it will also allow him or her to focus their time on a final look and style faster than if the client simply says "Oh, I'm not sure. Just do whatever you think"

It is important to note, that not all clients will have an idea in their head on what they want for a logo design or poster, as it's the Graphic designer job to design something that they are happy with. Things can then get difficult when a client has a tight hand on their budget, gives the Graphic Designer free reign but when they come back they simply reply with "No I don't like this! I'm not sure what I want, but I know it's not this"

This method has a number of negative effects for both the client and graphic designer

  • It normally means the price will increase as more time is spent working on the look and style

  • The client and graphic designer get more and more frustrated as nothing is going correctly

  • The graphic designer then has to finish the project quickly, when so much time has been spent at the start, which may result in a rushed job.

  • Graphic Designer and Client may choose not to work with each other again or the project doesn't finish, meaning the client has to start over again with a different person and the graphic designer has to then try and get paid for the work they have done.

These issues, and more, can easily be avoided by simply having an idea or some sort of guide provided to the graphic designer which will allow a more streamline process.

Here is just one example of a 3D project I had to for for SRT Marine. Click on the images for a bit more description on each image.

I also skipped out many of the small changes and mock-ups I provided but wanted to give a simple overview on how a simple idea (regardless how quick or silly it may seem) quickly allows the Graphic designer to narrow in what needs to be done and the final details such as colours or small elements can be changed near the end.

Here is another example of a client who wanted a new logo. However, unlike the 3D clients he had a strong idea on what he wanted.

Gcreate Graphic designer in Cardiff & Caerphilly

Gcreate Graphic designer in Cardiff & Caerphilly

First of all, the client sent me these two images. He liked the drone on the left without the camera and liked the swoosh on the right with the drone in the top corner. The company was called Arial Media Solutions with possibly a subtitle.

Gcreate Graphic designer in Cardiff & Caerphilly

Gcreate Graphic designer in Cardiff & Caerphilly
Gcreate Graphic designer in Cardiff & Caerphilly

I then proceeded to include a bunch of fonts for him to pick from and then started playing around with the drone, after cutting off the camera from the original idea as requested.

The client picked his final logo and decided not to have a subtitle but wanted a slight modification done to the drone itself (making the bottom flat and also taking out the dents on the side). He also wanted the logo to work on black which was easily done at this point.

Gcreate Graphic designer in Cardiff & Caerphilly

This is the logo that I was able to finalize. Also the client payed for only two blocks of my time because he knew what he wanted and only wanted a few changes. Allowed me to do a tiny bit of extra work for him, saving him money and time as he needed to get that also sorted.

So remember these 3 things before you hire a graphic designer

  1. DO have some sort of idea on the project- draw sketches or write down notes. Go on google and find other bits of art you like that can be provided to the graphic designer that might help them.

  2. DO NOT over populate the project with too much information if it is not needed! For example, a poster with loads of text or a logo design that needs to be complex. Simple is normally always better and gets the message across.

  3. DO Have a budget in mind but don't make it unrealistic. I personally work with blocks of time, so a client pays up front first and then as the project is worked on the blocks of time tick down. This allows a client to keep an eye on the budget without it running away. This has been very effective and while it is a slightly different way of working it has been very effective.

One last thing that maybe not everyone knows, a Freelance Graphic Designer has the ability to fire their client. This is of course the last step if communication breaks down and I don't think any Freelancer wants to do this. However, if it does happen it just means more hassle for both parties. Money then needs to be sorted for work completed to that point, as well as having to start all over again with another graphic designer. This can easily be avoided.

With these points and notes any client should be able to save money and time when graphic design is needed for their business. As most people engage with visual elements on social media/ Point of Sale/ logos/ websites, a client will need to keep a graphic designer, who they work well together, close in every aspect of their business.

Gcreate Graphic designer in Cardiff & Caerphilly reviews

Remember if you have a business in the Caerphilly area and you need graphic design for Facebook, logo design or maybe even a simple banner, get in touch with me as I offer a 20% discount on the first invoice for new clients.

Make sure to check out my reviews on Facebook and google to see what past clients think about working with me.

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