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The Pawfume Shop- Breed Agility

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- The Pawfume Shop Breed Agility

Really enjoyed my animation of the poster for Zeus Juice I did a couple weeks ago, so I thought I do another.

This time for a long time client of mine "The Pawfume Shop" where she sells some amazing perfumes for dogs that is also pretty good for their skin! The latest perfume she got created was "Breed Agility" and its pretty much flying off her website.

With this new fragrance she went with a more green feel. I again took the time to take a photo of the bottle in my mini studio and cleaned it up all nice for additional promotions and also to get it on her site.

More to come soon, in the meantime if you need any work get in in touch.


If you like my style and think I can assist you in growing your business then please get in touch.

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