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Last weekend I was going through some of my old files and came across a very very old hard drive. On it was a half completed (half is being generous by the way) project where I was hired by a band called "Daniel Land & The Modern Painters" They wanted to have a music video for their latest Single Locust.

Even though the project didn't involve any exchange of money as it was all for experience it sadly wasnt completed. I did however create a poster for the music video which is as follows:

Back then I had a very small freelancing company called Active Dreamz. This was 10 years ago, and so in 2008 I designed this poster.

10 Years later Im looking at the same poster and going to myself "wow I have improved so much" considering im always pretty hard on myself when it comes to my artwork.

I also thought...well its been 10 years since, why don't I go about taking my time and re-create the poster I wanted it to look like.

And so the Re Locust Poster was started!

Its pretty amazing that even thought I created that music poster 10 years ago, I still had a strong idea on what I wanted it to look like. The first important thing was to get a hill with a tree. That is where I came across this really cool photograph of pretty much that.

This was going to be the base and start of the re poster. However there were a number of things I didn't want. First of all the hill was too short, the tree was wrong as it needed to be darker and I needed the background to be a cool night sky.

So first up was extending the hill, that's where I came across this really nice photo that I could cut and edit.

I loved the path and thought i could use it to go up to the tree, but wasn't really happy with the grass as it looked a bit unmanaged.

I was then able to use elements of this image and put them together.

Next was trying to find and cut the image to have a cool background.

As you can see this image is pretty much the right colour and already has a shooting star which is a main part of the poster, however the shooting start was not correct so I went online to find a more epic star.

Finally it was to go on the hunt for the correct Tree. I knew I wanted something thick like in the original poster, but also something that branched out. I had the idea to look at bonsai trees, after looking at about 40 or so I came across one that I thought I could use well.

Now with all the main elements it was time to start putting the effects in. I wanted the tree to look magical and glow a bit so adding some fireflies and lights were important, again back hunting let me find the following images.

Also in the main poster there was a character that was designed by my mate at the time called Lofty or Luffy I think. The idea behind him was a travel through all different environments as the song progressed.

So I got the top right image and was able to edit him in such a way so he fit in the poster and was sitting down next to the tree.

Now with all that said here is the final Music Video poster for Locust by Daniel Land & The Modern Painters.

Overall I am very happy how it turned out, and also you should be able to see all the elements I used in making this main image.

I have however also included a step by step build up of the poster so you can see the progress. I have reduced it to around 30 slides however during my time creating the poster the amount of steps must be at least triple that number.

I hope you enjoyed my little step by step guide, I shall try to do more in the future as I do enjoy making these. And remember if you like any bit of art or style on my website and want some art done for your band or Business remember to get in touch on the contact page.

If you like my style and think I can assist you in growing your business then please get in touch.

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