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Recently I have been focusing more on doing some blogs for clients and also Fanagram a geeky community located in Cardiff. On their blog I have been doing a small blog series (when I get the chance) called Let's Break It Down..... where I talk about how I built up and designed some geeky work in my spare time. You can check out my blogs on their site by clicking here.

I have however been thinking for a while that I would like to do something similar on my own website, that way it can showcase what I been working on (as I always seem to focus more on my client's work than showcasing my services) and should give me a constant bit of work that I can update on my site.

With that said, here is my first one I created for the Vape brand Zeus Juice:

It's always important when doing a poster or any bit of art for an already existing brand, so I went through their instagram page and website to find their style, they also recently did a rebranding which I personally thinks looks much much better and because its more distinct, I was able to create a poster that matched their style much more easily.

I have added a few examples of posters and brand image they are currently going for.

If you like my style and think I can assist you in growing your business then please get in touch.

Contact me if you need to get started

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