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It's time to get your Vape on!

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- It's time to get your Vape on!

About a month ago now I got in touch with a pretty well established Vape shop in Caerphilly called The Vape House. However I thought they were new as they just appeared on the high street, but it turns out they simply bought another shop (I think they still have their other one in Caerphilly) that is in a prime location.

The requested to have a new logo, but after seeing some examples of my other work (they knew that I had done some for Gorilla War Wear and Straight Blast Gym which is where Conor McGregor the MMA fighter trains at) they simply wanted me to get cracking asap as they have a lot of work then need doing.

Here is an example of their old logo, I'm not sure what dpi it was but pretty sure it's less than 72.

The Vape House Graphic design Caerphilly Gcreate

It starts off with a few fonts which I think would work well, they only theme they gave me was white/silver and black that was it. From my library of 200 or more fonts I narrowed it down to these ones.

The Vape House Graphic design Caerphilly Gcreate

I then went hunting around the net to get some inspiration on current vape shop logos, vape images and just generally trying to find the right mix of image and font for the best logo for The Vape House. Take note the very top logo I did was the one they went with. I like giving my clients versions of that logo so they can make sure they are happy but after everything they just wanted the original. It goes to show that sometimes I can do a logo and hit it right on the head and others it can take multiple versions before the client is happy.

The Vape House Graphic design Caerphilly Gcreate

When doing logo designs or anything visual for clients its always a good selling point to have something visual that they can relate to with real world environments. Here I took 4 of the best logos I created and put them on signs, note how the top right logo is very slightly different as I moved the word Vape upwards, after the next stage I didn't this worked so made it all level again.

The Vape House Graphic design Caerphilly Gcreate

Here are a number of versions of The Vape House logo I created. I really wanted the triangle to be almost a symbol in itself that they could use if they wanted to show the company (much like Nike uses the nick by itself)

Here are the versions but a bit bigger for you to see. For some of the designs I thought it might be cool if they could silver foil some of the parts which would make the logo really stand out. After the final design they did mentioned they wont be doing this but its always to give clients the option.

The Vape House Graphic design Caerphilly Gcreate

As you can see the final logo is pretty simple and not complex. Its all in a vector so if they wanted it on the side of a building they could and that wouldn't really be an issue.

I also created a Facebook social poster with their new logo which I think came out really cool, and a theme I want to continue on all their branding.

Overall I really enjoy helping out clients in Cardiff and in my town of Caerphilly. Remember if you have a business in Caerphilly you get 20% off your very first invoice with me. Check out my reviews to see how happy my clients are with my work and why they keep coming back. Make sure to get in touch for any graphic needs, from re designing your logo to social media management.

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