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"Creativity is contagious pass it on"

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- "Creativity is contagious pass it on"

I have recently been looking at some amazing colourized photos on the web. The idea is that you take a black and white photo (i'm mainly interested in old Black and White photos) and then taking that into photoshop and adding many layers to give it some new life.

During my research phase, I have seen some very talented images, here is a tiny example of what people have done.

If you have noticed on my website I have the qoute "creativity is contagious pass it on" from Albert Einstein, so I thought for my first test I would focus on him.

The main think I wanted to focus on was the depth of the skin, so keeping that in mind I ignored everything else and simply worked on the face and put the most amount of time using Photoshops Layers creating the skin tone.

The best way to see the progress would be to click on the first image and then scroll through all the versions. As you do so, you be able to see me put the base tone first, then start to put in some shading and the highlights.

I then proceed to add a bit of colour to the facial hair and eyes, and finally adding a few more highlights and shadows to the face.

Here you can see the final image which I darkened the background so it would marry everything together.

Caerphilly & Cardiff graphics

Overall it was a really nice project and I'm looking forward to doing a few more. If you want to follow other examples and other little bits of work check out my Instagram @gcreategraphics which should be right over there------>

If you need any graphic design work done and located in Cardiff or Caerphilly make sure you get in touch. Even if you are not, get in touch anyway and see how we can start working together.

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