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Its Christmas again!

Well its that time of year again when we all sit down with our family's and enjoy a drink (or 7). It's also a good time to reflect on what you have enjoyed and learnt this year.

Well for a start it beats 2016, because personally 2016 started off great and ended pretty rubbish, but with the start of 2017 things got a lot better. For a start I enjoyed the new episodes of Rick and Morty

I didn't think it was that good as the first two series but still an overall enjoyment.

Work with new clients is always fun, and one thats improved and grown a lot is Gorilla War Wear, its always enjoyable to know that the art and work you did has helped a company grow.

Also I got to mention that a good client USC GYM also got nominated for the second year running for the best gym in Liverpool which is always an honor, but sadly didn't win (they were only a couple points away from the largest gym in Liverpool which is amazing for a small independent gym).

Fanagram has also has taken a big part of my time this year, growing very quickly in a short amount of time so I enjoy looking forward to seeing how far they can take the concept and community They have now set up a Cardiff Board Game Group which you can join by clicking here: Group here

Also I was commissioned to create a high detailed 3D model for SRT which I have worked with for many years. Really happy how the model came out and it always amazes me that all my 500 models are used for the software that is being sold all over the world.

If you are interested in seeing more images and the process of this project then click here.

Finally I have to mention working with Red & Black films for their jumpscare video on the movie Don't Knock Twice which is out on Netflix.

You can read about that project here and also for the video. Click here.

Looking forward to 2018, I can't wait to work with these clients again as well as the client's I didnt mention (would be here all day if I listed them all). As for my personal life I'm a bit of a gamer and a massive fan of Final Fantasy, so imagine my excitement when they announced Final Fantasy 15 for the PC in 2018!! Which is great considering I was going to buy a PS4 this year just so I could play it.

Also I have oddly gotten used to Red Wine this year which is odd as I normally hate red.

Anyway I wish everyone who reads this little blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. I also hope 2018 is twice as good for you as 2017 has been.

If you have enjoyed my projects and work, please feel free to contact me to see what can be done with your business idea or company.

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