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Get the correct graphics to optimize your holiday sales in 2018/2019.

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Get the correct graphics to optimize your holiday sales in 2018/2019.

This is the best time to get people to buy your product, use your services and visit your store! Christmas and New year is probably the only time of year where people just want to spend their cash they been saving.

Companies have known this for years, and if YOUR business is not taking advantage of this time then you are missing out on a great opportunity.

You need to stand out! And need effective graphic design for your promotions, however some people think hiring a graphic designer will cost too much and are better off doing it themselves, this can not be further from the truth. If you are trying to build up your Brand and Identity in a particular way, getting design done by a “family member” or “a mate you know because they used Photoshop one time” will 9/10 result in something that is far worse if you just got a professional to do it.

Businesses who try to do design themselves sometimes go crazy with the fonts, colours and style. They have no overall look and feel to what they are producing, which results in their message or what they are trying to sale getting lost.

If this example looks familiar then you should really stop and think. Here someone has tired to put as much text as possible in one single advert! I can’t express enough how bad this is. Most people switch off after 1-3 seconds if it doesn’t interest them. A quote from one client “I don’t think flyers work because people just throw them away and don't even read it” which I had to respond in the nicest possible way, was because there current flyer was just a bunch of text and two random images from the internet.

There are times when a client does not care what I have to say and MUST have 100% of the text provided. Here is one example I was able to fit everything in, but really didn’t need the @names under each section, ( though I understand why they needed it). This design had even more text but was able to convince the client to cut it down to what you can see.

Another is a good example of when a client of mine provides me with text and must have it all, so I created the poster and showed it to them, as you can see there is too much going on and the information gets lost. I then re-designed the poster with the information cut down and put in a way where it focuses on the key points rather than trying to get everything on it.

Click to see the examples

If you have a business take advantage of the Christmas and New Year sales now rather than later, make sure your designs are simple and match your business. With Gcreate helping you will not break your budget, and will result in a great advert for social media or print.

Contact me today to have a talk over the phone or e-mail and we can both work out a system and budget for you to get the most out of the holiday sales.

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