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Irish Muscle Power

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Irish Muscle Power

A blast from the past on this blog. Cast your mind mind back before Trump became President and also before the UK decided to leave the EU and the term Brexit was a thing.

I started working with Peter, the Owner of NISupplements in Belfast, where he came to me with an idea 'I want to create my own BodyPower Expo but in Ireland' As you can imagine, I have heard it all. From almost over 300 clients thinking their idea or supplement is going to be the next big thing. This one seemed to be a little more extreme as the BodyPower Expo is very popular. Little did I know the connections Peter had because of his NISupplement store and how quickly it had grown to this day (2017) and still going strong!

Working on these elements and materials were great, from social adverts to the examples shown here on roll up banners and cards. I also did a lot of additional work for other clients (which I will put in a different blog) that was related from working with Irish Muscle Power.

If you ever find yourself in North Ireland near Belfast, go check out their website here and get a ticket.

Wonderful clients and very nice people who are always happy to help others out.


Do you need any graphic work? Printed material? or maybe magazine artwork created? if so then get in touch with me today, or share this post with someone who you may think does. Each job is different and doesn't mean the graphic design will be expensive, and in most cases can be cheap and cost effective.

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