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Instead of scrolling all the way to the bottom if you just want to play the games I made click here.

So at the start of December I decided I would take the time and learn a new skill which I have always wanted to do (but never really had the time) and proceed with how to make simple and then hopefully more complex games.

I bought TeamClick Fusion a while a while ago on humble bundle for an amazing price, but have less than zero experience on programming or anything of the sort, luckily the game maker program really doesn't rely on any coding at all, and instead works on 'rules' that must be fulfilled in order to activate.

These rules can get very VERY complicated, and I have seen some of the games made with this program and thought to myself 'wow wouldn't it be cool to make something at that level'. Its all very pixel based games currently, but I do believe there is a 3D plugin that will allow for some very simple 3D games (maybe when I'm better I can have a go at that)

Anyway onto my first real game. If you haven't checked out my game page which you can only access through this link, you will see a Flappy bird type game which took me AGES to make, I mean look at the rules I had to follow on the tutorial to make it work.

And that was just for a very simple type of game, however with some things that may seem simple it can be pretty complex.

The End game came out pretty well, even has the annoying feature of swearing when you judge the pipe wrong and your streak of 70 is lost forever!

All the elements in the game where provided which is great, as I'm not worried about the design of future games and their animations due to the line of work I am in. However there were bits that either because I really didn't understand (thought it was straight forward) or the design of two elements where so similar parts of the game didn't work.

For example one part it says about changing the background and when it collides with the background, however in the rule box it says backdrop which you might think fine they are pretty much the same thing right? However when you start following everything to the letter, I start looking for the option for background and not backdrop which just makes me feel like an idiot once I worked it out.

Another really annoying part was near the end and the scoring, for about an hour I couldn't get my score display on the board at the end once its a game over, but that was because the high score icon and the best high score icon looked the same. Now looking back again this was my fault as I didn't read the icon names when I had to link them up, however you can imagine at the time I thought everything was done correctly and it was simply me missing something out (also I thought it was a sign of god that I wasn't cut out to make this darn game)

There were a few other things that I really didn't understand that hopefully I get to wrap my head around, for example forcing an animation frame to say 2 means you have to put in number 1 as its +1 from its original frame which is 0 (even though its 1) the same goes for forcing an animation frame to 3 means you have to put number 2. There are many other things similar to this that have a default number of 0 even though there are only three versions 1- 3, and there are other times when the default is indeed 1 instead of 0 (which I personally should be anyway) but gets messed up because I keep thinking I have to add 1 to things.....AGGGGGHH!!!

Looking back at the whole 2 days experience (only suppose to take me 3 fucking HOURS!) I did enjoy making a pretty much full game. The only thing I can't seem to work is the fact the high score seems to reset once the game has been refreshed, so you can't beat someone else score who has played before. Even if you install the EXE file, once the game has closed down and re-opened it goes back to 0 meaning you have no idea what your previous high score was and a chance of beating it.

This doesn't really matter so much at this point as I'm still learning, but would be a very important factor if I did want more people to play my game.

For now I will keep uploading little games, maybe even do much short blog posts on games I though were pretty cool. There are a ton of tutorials I need to follow and I shall be uploading the ones I like and probably deleting the ones I no longer enjoy (or at the very least put them somewhere so people are aware that they are not very good)

My ideal goal would to make an RPG type game with a pretty cool battle system, lets see how long it will take me to create that.


Please contact and share and now follow me on instagram if you are interested in keeping up to date with my work. Remember you can always contact me if you need me to design or work with you.

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