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hey look at meeeee

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Hey look at meee

Wow so 2016 sure has been the oddest year of my life so far I would say. With life there has been some ups and definitely some downs, I for one will be happy to see the back of 2016 and look forward to 2017 and what the future may bring.

As you can see I created a really stupid 10 min small collection of things I love into a Christmas image. It did start off to be pretty nice and sweet

(I mean look at the one I did in 2015, couldn't do one in 2016 as I was pretty busy then got really sick over the holidays....great)

Anyway lets move past 2016 and look to the future, however before we set sail let me mention some of the great things I have enjoyed this year

Rick and Morty

Star Trek generation (blue ray box set)

Westworld (oh my god it's soo good)

The latest Game of Thrones

Deadpool (really good movie)

Bee Sting (its a cider, and should be added every year if i'm honest)

Final Fantasy 7 remake (so excited)

Final Fantasy 15 (looking forward to playing this soon, read my blog post on my random rant about it)

And finally everyone who make me happy :) (bit of a soppy one I guess)

Right thats enough! move along! I won't post anything until 2017 which will probably go into more depth on previous projects that I have been part of (unless something else exciting happens)


Please contact and share and now follow me on instagram if you are interested in keeping up to date with my work. Remember you can always contact me if you need me to design or work with you.

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