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Pawfume Smells

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Pawfume smells

During your time as a graphic design you sometimes come across a weird project that you think to yourself 'I don't think I can help with this brand' The Pawfume Shop was one of those clients, however the saying never judge a book by its cover is so underrated here, I feel ashamed looking back and ever thinking that way.

The Pawfume Shop is pretty much perfume for your dog, hence why I thought it was a bit odd, even the owner mentioned she started it off as a joke thinking it wouldn't take off, however she has done so well on ebay and getting trade accounts she is able to move onto the next stage of her brand (that's where I came into the fold) and when other people start copying your idea, you know its good! If you have a dog or just want to read the reviews go check out her website here

Katy has been beyond lovely to work with, I started off pretty simple as I do with most clients and did some promotional material for an exhibition she was going to, designing some posters and getting them printed. I then proceeded to design her new website, it fits more with her brand and the old website I think only had one picture of a dog on it (pretty crazy, considering its a product for dogs). Since then the website has been hitting around 20 to 50 hits per day, which is pretty good for a site that's not had that much traffic before.

I also wanted to take new photos of her products, as the ones she was currently using were ones from

her phone (that's never a bad thing, the photos I ended up with were also taken on my phone but it is important to set up and make sure you do post editing)

When displaying a product, always try to make the product stand out and look as professional as it can be. The results were almost instant and her sales on her website jumped from maybe 2 a month to already 7 this month and we only released the website at the star of December.

I'm sure me and Katy will continue working together and we take the product and service she provides to the next level.

Finally here is a lovely shot of all her products together, in the new year we have talks on re-designing the label and getting new bottles, watch this space for more news


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