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Final Fantasy Sasuke & Friends (XV)

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Next time on Naruto.... It's finally here, we finally have Final Fantasy 15 which I think took something like 10 years to make? or maybe longer but pretty sure its been that long since they first announced it (back in those days it used to be called Final Fantasy versus XIII)

Now its been changed, cleaned up and been reborn (mmm reminds me of something...) into the game that's out today. Now sadly I haven't had a chance to play this game, even though I really want to but I need to justify buying a PlayStation 4 (which now they released the pro) and the game, that comes to a total just shy of £350.

Let me just make it clear I love Final fantasy and the previous games (please make FF7 remake good) and idealy do plan to get this game when it comes out for PC, or if I can get the pro cheaper. This post however is to just focus on all the different bits they put into promoting and advertising this game, and from the result its gotten pretty good reviews (not amazing reviews) the game play I seen is not bad and pretty consistent.

First off they wanted a short Anime series called brotherhood. I love the fact they did this as I am a massive anime fan myself. I'm not really sure I like how they structured it out however. Personally if they just focused on each characters back story (which they did) then maybe a bit more of a run up towards the movie (yes they did that as well) I think that would of fit in nicely. However what they did was show a fight of a snake at the start, cut back to other stories I think it was only the price and Plumpto and then back to the snake fight. All in all it wasn't bad, and enjoyed how it came out.

Next was Kingsglaive. Sadly from the reviews and friends I talked to people didn't really enjoy this movie. I personally didn't mind it as it covered more of the backstory to the run-up of the game and even ends with the car breaking down which is the first thing you have to sort out when you play the game. I did get confused with names and places and some of the law it was talking about as I wasn't really able to follow everything due to the fact everything was pretty confusing. One of the most disappointing things was the fight at the start, which was with a massive monster that looked like Emerald Weapon from FF7, sadly this was over as soon as it started and would of liked to see more more action around this, maybe even getting the summons involved?

Along with all the promotions they did with this game, they also included some Demos which I did have a chance to play, and a mobile app of some sort of pinball monster game (didn't play that) now this is where I think things started to get a bit boring for me, while I do enjoy a good demo and the fact they released a couple demos and then changed the final game from feedback is great, but because it go delayed they started showing off more and more and by the time the game was released I wasn't as excited as I should of been as most of the places and actions where shown so many times (I followed them on Facebook and Instagram so I got to see loads of little snips)

So now that the game is out, and from all the promotion its great they put so much effort into the release but I think its also important to take away some lessons for our own brands or promotions. Try to keep things a mystery, don't show too much but enough to keep dripping clips out. The first time I saw a summon in the demo was mind blowing, but I then got to see clips of the other summons and when the game released there were only two I hadn't seen and they were pretty underwhelming (there are only 5 in total) and from what I gather they are restrictive on how you use them.

really wish this game was everything I hope it would of been, and if It had I think I would of just gone out and bought a brand new PS4 and the game, but from what it stands now and whats been fed to me its not worth that amount of money (I remember buying a PS1 and FF7 when that came out and I didn't even have money back in those days) Lets hope that the PC version comes soon or there is some sort of price drop. If you already own a PS4 I would recommend getting the game.

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