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Pokemon Buy

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Pokemon Buy

Remember that time I designed a bunch of Pokemon Evolution designs for fun? Well now you can buy the Charmander to Charizard evolution on ebay and etsy!! Each Canvas is 12" X 8" and prices are a little different due to the places they are sold on. (ebay is the cheapest one)

More details are on the links provided. Keep in mind the production takes a while can takes around 10 days (nothing I can do sadly)

As I mentioned in the post before, its just a bit of fun but already ordered a few for friends and family and they love collecting em all (well just one at the moment)

Anyway if you love Pokemon, or want to give a nice little gift this Christmas then get buying! Plus it helps me out :)



If you want to see more then hop over to my facebook page, give it a like and share. Keep coming back for some more in depth posts on my graphic design work.

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