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GeoVS Boats models & more...

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- GeoVS Boats models & more...

Here is another post about my work with SRT Marine System Solutions. If you have followed me on facebook you will have seen theses posters before. These are the original models used for the GeoVS 3D software.

I think at this time I have created over 150+ different types of vessels, and then adding all the other models such as building, Oil Rigs, structures and navigational symbols there must be a total of 400 + models.

Anyway back to the graphics and needs for theses posters, I wanted to show the models off in a very simple an elegant, with the main focus being the colourful model but still needing the logo in each poster along with something happening in the background. I think by duplicating the ship/model shape and increasing it in size then slightly overshadowing the detailed model works well.

You can see where I original got the idea for my Pokemon posters as the SRT posters were done before the Pokemon ones.

I highly recommend you check this company out as their work is very interesting, check out SRT Marine System Solutions here.


Do you need any 3d graphic work doing? Then get in touch now and see how I can help you with your graphic or design needs. Feel free to like my page and share if you enjoy the work I do.

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