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Game Jam

Project: The Arcade Jam at The Arcade Vaults
Client: Sega Amusements
Role: Organiser, Event planner, Graphic Designer, Social Media Manager
Programs used: Photoshop, Canva

Description: While working at The Arcade Vaults, I was given the role of managing a game design event. My responsibilities included designing the event's graphics and overall style, along with managing how it would run. I successfully secured sponsorships from renowned businesses such as Hyper X, VooDoo Ranger, Esports Wales, Tiny Rebel, and Sky Life Accounting. Working collaboratively with the Director and my liaison at Sega Amusements, I coordinated the competition's timeline. I conceptualized and designed the event logo and all associated materials for print and digital use, ensuring strict adherence to brand guidelines specified by both sponsors and our client, Sega Amusements. Throughout the event, I provided regular updates to participants and sponsors, ensuring a seamless experience and maintaining sponsor satisfaction.

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