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Flowlab Account

Currently all my online lessons can be completed without the need for purchasing a paid account on flowlab.

However if after reading the list of features and would like to still purchase an account then please use the e-mail provided to get in touch and have a paypal link provided to pay.

I currently have 35 student Flowlab student accounts that I can release. Due to costs I need to limit how much an account is released for and have a small cost.

Each account will be released for £4 each time and have a duration of 4 weeks after the login details are provided (not when purchasing).

Please Read all points before Purchasing an account.

There are currently two options aviable for you, you can pay for an indie option on flowlab for either $9 (£7) a month, or $59 (£47) a year*. Or you can pay for 4 weeks of access on one of my student account for £4. The indie and student options provide the same level of access.

*Costs at time of writing this, please check their payment page for up to date costs on flowlab.


What you get

Here is a breakdown on what you get for each account

Free account:

  • 3 games max created

  • 50 Game objects (creating elements in the game)

  • Share URL link (goes back to flowlab site)

  • Embed Code (Allows user to put this code onto their website or another platform so it plays through the browser)

Paid account:

  • Unlimited games created

  • Unlimited Game Objects

  • Share URL link

  • Embed Code

  • Export game to

    • Windows​

    • Mac

    • Android

    • IOS


Which one to purchase?

It goes without saying that if you want a paid account for more than 2 months its more cost effective to pay on flowlab by doing so here:

If however you want to just test out the paid feature, or like what I do and would rather support me (thank you by the way) then continue to section 4 How to purchase with me


How to purchase with me:

  1. First you need to e-mail me at The total cost will be £4 and give you access for 4 weeks.

  2. I will then send you a paypal payment link for £4

  3. Once thats been paid I will send you back a link with either a new username and password, or I can invite a free user on flowlab to become a student which would keep your same username and password.

  4. After your time is up, I will unlink your account making it a free one. You will still keep all the games and objects you used during your time on a student account, but will not allow you to create anymore if you have gone over the limit (see section 2 on what you get)

  • Please note: Due to how busy Iam, this process will have to be done manually and may take a bit of time to reply back to e-mails and generate or link accounts, so your 4 weeks will start only when I send the invite link or login details, if more people want more access then I will look into other options to streamline the process or if it takes up too much of my time not provide access for online students.

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