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Join Arcade Vaults Player Nation in 2019

Gcreate Zeus Juice poster for The Vape Shop

Gcreate Graphic designer located in Cardiff & Caerphilly- Join Arcade Vaults Player Nation in 2019

I was recently asked to do a bit of joint work for Fanagram and Arcade Vaults as they tend to help each other out. The concept was simple, create a new logo (nothing too complex) two posters to be printed and a facebook banner. I had pretty much free creative control over this project so I started off designing.

Gcreate graphic design facebook banner design

The first design you see above went down well, and in fact the client enjoyed what I did. However the more I looked at it the more I started to dislike my choice of background and colours for the project. I decided to revisit the banner a week later and came up with something I was much more happy with.

Local Cardiff Graphic design company video game facebook banner

With more purples and blues it seemed to fit in better. From that I started to design the posters (which are pretty much the same)

One was for game Developers which is why I needed a "we want you" pose, however I needed a video game character pointing out. I then though why not Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney as he always has his finger pointing when he shouts....

From there I used many of the same elements as the banner and tried to get more of a tron feeling with Mr Wright.

As you can see here, this is a simple animation of me compositing all the layers together to create one of the posters. There are many aspects I don't show in these animations such as the trail and error, the editing or additional graphic design work I need to do in order for me to get the final image.

Also this is the other poster they needed designing which as I mentioned above is pretty much the same Graphic Design poster which was created.

Graphic Design in 2019 for Videogame Festival in Cardiff

So if you find yourself free on the 12th & 13th of April in 2019 and want to pop down to the gate why not visit The Arcade Vaults and see what they have got on.


If you like my style and think I can assist you in growing your business then please get in touch.

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